OUR APPROACH to managing wealth

Requisite Capital Management is a complete wealth management firm. Our goal is to deliver a forward-looking asset allocation strategy that is customized in its sizing and implementation to each client, while integrating estate and tax planning to maximize the use of appropriate legal structures. Consolidated balance sheet reporting is integral to our offering as it allows our clients to have a complete, current understanding of their overall wealth. When implementing a comprehensive wealth management plan, we take three key factors into consideration:

Asset allocation

We generally construct client portfolios using the core-satellite investment approach. The “core” consists of a factor-based investment strategy focusing on major market indices, while “satellite” uses active managers who look to exploit more niche investment opportunities with the goal of generating above-market, risk-adjusted returns. While we feel the current investment environment favors an overweighting to satellite opportunities, the ultimate sizing and implementation is customized to each client.

Asset location

A well-developed estate plan is as important as a stand-alone investment plan. Marrying the two is critical in building a strong wealth foundation. Through proper estate planning, clients’ gifting, inheritance and philanthropic goals culminate in the creation of an estate plan that encapsulates estate and income tax planning. Through this estate plan, various entities are created, which are then used to implement the investment plan, allowing for efficient asset location.

Investor behavior

Investor behavior is a reality that must be considered when developing an overall wealth management plan. Clients have different lifestyle needs, cash flow requirements, risk tolerances and emotional tendencies that can impact their ability to stay with their plan through multiple market cycles.

The investor’s chief problem and even his worst enemy is likely to be himself.

Benjamin Graham
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